National Trade Promotion Agency
of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
of the Czech Republic
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    CzechTrade - We Can Help You to Find Your Way to the Central Europe

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    CzechTrade is the national export promotion organisation of the Czech Republic. Its main objective is to develop international trade and mutual cooperation between Czech and foreign companies.

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    International multi-sector trade fair Czech Republic Business Expo 2017. This event is the great opportunity to get to know Czech products and services and make new business partnerships

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    Kindly read what was said by the representatives of companies about cooperation with Czech Trade Promotion Agency:

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    Czech Business Partner Search is a unique service provided by CzechTrade to foreign clients. CzechTrade, the government trade promotion agency under the Czech Ministry of Trade and Industry, has a team of specialists on hand who can find you a new business partner from the Czech Republic. Czech manufacturers enjoy worldwide renown for the high-quality products they supply, not just mechanical engineering products, in which the Czechs have always been strong, but also components, intermediate products and services, such as IT.

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Qatar Airways to connect Prague with Doha The third Airways company is going to connect Prague with GCC countries. Qatar could explore the beauties of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic
Metrostav to bore third tunnel on Iceland Metrostav is one of the most well established Czech construction companies. The company is very experienced in construction of underground sites/tunels and bridges.