DAKO-CZ will deliver braking systems for subway trains to Siemens

Published: 06.04.2017 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

One of the global most well known train manufacturer has chosen a Czech supplier. Dako-CZ will deliver braking system for Siemens

DAKO-CZ will deliver braking systems and other components for several projects developed by Siemens. It will be delivering mechanical parts of brakes for 20 three-coach subway trains in Sofia in a period from May 2017 to the end of 2018. The trains will be operated in Sofia until 2019. DAKO-CZ will be also delivering brake parts for 21 subway train units U1 in Nurnberg in a period from September 2017 to mid-2019. It will also deliver braking systems for 22 trains run in Bangkok in the same period of time.