ENERGO-PRO invests in Georgia

Published: 15.09.2017 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

The company Energo-PRO operates in five countries - except Georgia is the Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia. In addition to energy, Energo-PRO also operates in engineering and delivers turbines to Asia, USA and Latin America.

Czech firm ENERGO-PRO, the leader of the Georgian market, has recently acquired a distribution company for CZK 200m and will invest additional CZK 200m into grid upgrade. Back in 2015, ENERGO-PRO considered selling the Georgian assets for the speculated price of CZK 22bn, Hospodářské noviny reports. Beside Georgia, ENERGO-PRO is expanding primarily in Turkey, where it is building to large hydro power plants.


Source: CIANEWS, http://ihned.cz/