EPH launches power plant worth CZK 13bn

Published: 05.02.2018 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

EPH owns four power plants in Britain. The new power output will be 390 megawatts and should cover the consumption of up to 700 thousand households.

Energetický a Průmyslový Holding (EPH) is launching a CZK 13bn biomass power plant in the UK, one of the biggest power plants of its type in the world. The British energy strategy foresees higher utilisation of nuclear energy, gas and green sources. EPH entered the UK market already in 2014, when it acquired the old coal power plant in Eggborough, Hospodářské noviny writes. In fall 2017, EPH bought two gas power plants from Centrica for CZK 9.5bn.


Source: CIANEWS, ihned.cz