ŠKODA AUTO opens cooperation with Israeli start-ups

Published: 01.06.2018 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Venture aimed at collaborating with high-tech start-ups and universities. Start-up hotspot Israel is one of the regions with the most high-tech start-ups in the world

The joint venture of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and Champion Motors, the Israeli importer of the ŠKODA brand, is establishing cooperation with local startups from the IT-hotspot in Tel Aviv. The goal for the early phase is to identify innovative projects from which new business models for ŠKODA AUTO may be derived. The spokesperson for ŠKODA AUTO, Tomáš Kotera, has specified that the staff in Tel Aviv gets in touch with major start-ups, companies and universities in Israel and arranges cooperation. The attention is focused on advanced start-ups




SOURCE: CIANEWS, https://skodaautodigilab.com