ZAT handing over another part of an order for Paks nuc plant

Published: 12.03.2018 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

The Pakš Nuclear Power Plant is the only nuclear power plant in Hungary with an installed capacity of 2000 MW. Completion of the contract is scheduled for May next year.


ZAT is handing over a modernised system of group and individual management of regulation mechanisms for VVER 440 RRCS nuclear reactor and the system of management of the output of RCS reactor to the third block of Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary. The company is a supplier for all four blocks. Completion of the order is planned in May 2019. After the launch of the third block, the RRCS system will be operated in ten nuclear reactors with VVER 440 technology and eleven nuclear reactors with VVER 1000 technology in four countries.


Source: CIANEWS,