BRISTELL Aircrafts excell in Australia

Published: 04.10.2017 Related countries:  Australia Australia

A big success story - that is the history of BRISTELL aircrafts in Australia. The most successful Czech exporter of soirts aircrafts in Australia, BRM AERO, has sold almost 50 of their aircrafts over just six years. A huge part played the Australian dealer Brett Anderson, who gave us together with the CEO of BRM AERO, Milan Bristela, an insight on how it all went together and what to expect next.







The Czech company BRM AERO develops, manufactures and sells light sports aircrafts since 2009. Aircrafts Bristell, of which the first version was developed and sold in 2011, are now being exported all over the world. The company has its own network of distributors with representatives not only through Europe, but also in North and South America, the Middle East and finally Australia.


The import of Bristell aircrafts to Australia is already going on since 2011. Back then Brett Anderson, the current dealer of the company BRM AERO for the Australian and New Zealand market, was looking for a sports aircraft for himself. Soon he found out, that there is no aircraft of the qualities and price he demanded on the Australian market, so he started looking overseas. The aircraft Bristell has met his ideas and so he purchased one right away. However, he wanted to give this opportunity to other Australians as well. “Brett spent 14 days in our factory and participated himself in manufacturing a whole airplane to learn its construction and features in detail and thus becoming a full-fledged representative of our company in Australia. I like to remember that time, because he really surprised me with his interest in getting to know the construction of the plane and its regular service, as well as with his skilfulness and ability to face any task. I was sure that we are standing on the beginning of a successful cooperation, and that really happened.” Remembers Milan Bristela, CEO and founder of BRM AERO.


According to his words is the Australian aircraft market very strong, for European manufacturers comparable to the American one. “The biggest hurdle was getting the aircraft passed through certification in Australia. Even now I am working on registration in a different category and it is, once again a whole new learning curve for Milan and myself, but we will get there.” Says Brett Anderson, Australian dealer of BRM AERO. However, according to the words of Milan Bristela, the Australian market is no different to other markets in the world: “Because we supply aircrafts of the highest quality to all territories, export to Australia is the same as to any other country.”


The Australian dealer has already sold about 50 of Bristell aircrafts and is close to selling another 28. “The ratio has been 33% ex air force, 33% private and mostly people who always wanted to fly and now have an aircraft that is affordable or they are converting from GA and the last percentage is Flying Schools.” Anderson says and adds that the East coast of Australia is the largest market for them so far, but Bristell aircrafts are succeeding also in New Zealand. “The Australian market is significant to us because when Europe is getting ready for winter and sales are going down, in Australia it’s summer and the sales are on a roll, which helps us keep the numbers of incoming orders up even during winter.” Talks Milan Bristela about the Australian market.


Bristela sees the biggest competitive edge in the construction of the aircraft: “Big and comfortable cockpit, the greatest advantage on the Australian market, as Australian clients use our aircrafts for long distance flights through whole Australia. It is no exception if they spend 4 to 5 hours in the aircraft during one flight.” Anderson sees the advantage in the good value for money of the aircrafts.


Both partners are very satisfied with their cooperation. Anderson also values that the barriers of import are getting lower thanks to many organizations supporting it, which makes the complex task easier for both sides.


Brett Anderson would like to focus on improving the communication in Australia and New Zealand and then concentrate more on the South Asia Pacific region which is also underlying his dealership.


The production area of BRM AERO has been tripled in the last year in Czech Republic to allow innovations and development of new models of aircrafts to reach new segments of markets all around the world. Milan Bristela adds: “Our credo stays: To produce aircrafts without compromise and so satisfy the highest demands of our customers. Everyone who buys an aircraft BRISTELL becomes a member of the BRISTELL Family and we make sure the aircraft brings only joy to them.”