Czech Republic ranked 29th in competitiveness report

Published: 19.10.2018 Related countries:  Australia Australia

The Czech Republic is regarding competitivness on the 29th place, Australia on the 14th place.

The Czech Republic placed 29th with a score 71.2 of the 140 countries surveyed this year on the ranking of countries competitiveness, which is being compiled annually by the World Economic Forum (WEF. Since this year, the ranking has been compiled according to the new methodology. In the last few years, the Czech Republic was 31st. This year's competitiveness of the Czech Republic is again hampered by poor infrastructure, lack of qualified workforce, state of institutions and lagging behind in information technology. This results from a study by the World Economic Forum, which was published in Oct 18th, at the Forum of the WEF Study in Prague.

Compared to the top 15 EU countries, the Czech Republic lags behind macroeconomic stability in all eleven other indicators. "The pace of the best moves us, the situation has not changed fundamentally," said Pavel Kafka, President of the Czech Managerial Association, who participates in the data collection. In Central Europe, the Czech Republic performs best, followed by the thirties in Poland, the forty-second Slovakia and the forty-eight in Hungary.

Australia placed 14th with a score 78.9 and New Zealand 18th. The most competitive country is USA, follow by Singapore and Germany.



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