Aero Vodochody is about to complete the first L-39NG. It has already 32 pre-orders

Published: 17.08.2018 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

Aero Vodochody has completed the new airplane L-39NG

The torso of the new L-39NG is already assembled in the factory Aero Vodochody. The first airplane is to be completed in October. The company has already 32 orders from Senegal, Portuguese Sky Tech and US company RSW Aviation.

"The L-39NG is a new start for Aero Vodochody, which brings us back to the world class of jet manufacturers," said Giuseppe Giordo, head of the company.

The torso consists of a total of 3,365 parts, with about 90 percent of these body parts being new and only 10 percent taken from its predecessor L-39 Albatros. In September they are about to join the torso with the wings and install the key systems.

The L-39NG is a jet capable of performing the role of a light battleship and an airplane for the training of modern air force pilots. For this purpose it is equipped with various simulators.

Written by CzechTrade Calgary