Czech scientists participate in development of revolutionary turbine Doosan Škoda Power

Published: 02.10.2018 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

The Czech scientists participated on the new development of steam turbine

General Electric and Siemens are cooperating with other companies and scientists on a revolutionary steam turbine. The current turbines are not built for possible oscillation of voltage from renewable sources and frequent switching off, on, or perhaps only changes in performance can damage them irreversibly.

The companies introduced the results of research at the Turbomachines 2018 conference in Prague on 25 September 2018.




The newly developed blade resistance to aerodynamic instability has successfully been tested in the T10MW experimental turbine at Doosan Škoda Power experimental base.

From the Czech academic circles, scientists and students from West-Bohemian University in Plzeň or Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) have participated in the solution of the projects. By the year 2030, the project may reduce the price of one cycle of a gas-steam power plant by up to 30 %.


Source: ČiaNews

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