Is German FlixBus the fix for Canada's bus woes?

Published: 09.11.2018 Related countries:  Canada Canada, Czech Republic Czech Republic, Germany Germany

With Greyhound's service cuts, a new European carrier looks to jump into Canada’s bus market

For many, the signature silver dog of Greyhound is the symbol of bus travel.  But that iconic image might be replaced by a more colorful logo if the European bus line FlixBus gets access to Canada's intercity bus market.

FlixBus runs lime green buses that have a pair of orange arrows emblazoned on their sides. It launched U.S. operations in California, Nevada and Arizona earlier this year, to go along with its service in 28 other countries including the Czech Republic

"Mexico and Canada are next on the agenda for 2019, 2020 latest." said CEO and co-founder André Schwammlein, " "I have to be able to make it in North America," he said. "I mean, otherwise I will never be able to call myself a global brand."

Just where and when the company could secure routes in Canada would depend largely on provincial regulations. Greyhound's withdrawal from all routes west of Sudbury, Ont., except for in parts of B.C., has created an opportunity for other players to put buses on routes they believe can be profitable. Founded by three Munich-based entrepreneurs, FlixBus has become Europe's largest bus carrier in just five years. 


Source: CBC a Newsroom TTG

Written by the team of CzechTrade office in Calgary, Canada