CNB: CR’s foreign debt down to CZK 4.3224 trillion

Published: 22.06.2018 Related countries:  China China

National debt of the Czech Republic in relation to gross domestic product remains among lowest in EU.

The deficit of CR’s investment position against abroad dropped by CZK 14.9bn q/q to CZK 1.3221 trillion. Year-on-year, the deficit grew by CZK 298.7bn and amounts to 25.8% of GDP in current prices. This stems from the data from the Czech National Bank (CNB). CR’s foreign debt totalled CZK 4.3224 trillion (i.e. 84.3% of GDP) as o the end of Q1. The debt dropped by K 25.1bn y/y. In the debt’s time structure, liabilities with original maturity longer than a year account for 40.5% of the debt liabilities.