Cost of living in Prague

Published: 06.11.2018 Related countries:  Egypt Egypt

Apartment prices increased

 Apartments in Prague cost 20% more than in Bratislava

The average apartment prices in Prague reached CZK 91,928 per m2 in H1 2018. This is 16.4%more than in Bratislava, Slovakia, where the average price was CZK 78,966/m2). The survey revealed biggest differences in the luxury housing segment, where the average price in the Slovak capital was CZK 104,944/m2,while in Prague it was CZK 195,846/m2. The share of apartment sold in presaleis also different – 5% of the residential units in Bratislava, as compared to more than a fifth in Prague.  It has also stated that the average gross wage in Prague amounts to CZK 39,688 per month and is 11.1% higher than in Bratislava.


Published by CzechTrade Cairo, Egypt