Czech companies may benefit from new Land Rover's factory

Published: 24.10.2018 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Czech company producing bearings can deepen its collaboration with the new Jaguar factory.

Czech companies may benefit from Land Rover's production in Nitra, Slovakia The new plant will start production of British Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). According to Hospodářské noviny news, the factory in the first phase should produce 150,000 cars per year, in the second up to 300,000. Slovakian production facility is recently the most modern factory of the group Jaguar Land Rover which is a part of the Indian company TATA Motors.

Existing Czech partners of JLR, such as Olomouc Koyo Bearings, which manufactures bearings, steering or axle systems for the automotive industry, want to deepen their collaboration with the factory.

Other 19 Czech companies can also profit as a supplier to the factory which will be the most modern facility of the Jaguar Land Rover group. A state agency CzechTrade in London, Great Britain arranged already a year ago "sourcing match-making" event among Czech companies (automotive suppliers) and purchasing/sourcing department from Jaguar Land Rover. Companies like Koyo Bearings, Varroc Lighting Systems or Brano will be among those who will most probably supply to the new factory of Jaguar Land Rover.

Other countries besides Slovakia wanted to attract Jaguar´s factory and its investment. Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Mexico and Turkey wanted the factory and were competing to attract foreign investment of Jaguar Land Rover. The decisive moment was an incentive and help of Slovakian government valued 125 mil EUR. Pilot production started September this year.



Published by CzechTrade Jakarta, Indonesia