Czech company Excalibur Army to deliver armed vehicles, howitzers to Ukraine

Published: 04.05.2018 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Tens of military gears and equipment worth several hundred of millions of CZK delivered to Ukraine.

Excalibur Army has exported tens of military gear units to Ukraine. The spokesperson for the company, Andrej Čírtek, informed that most of the vehicles were formed by BVP-1 infantry vehicles. He has added that the vehicles undergone general repair, consisting of fully disassembly, component diagnostics, replacement of worn and torn components, reassembly and system functionality tests. Beside the BVP-1 vehicles, the company exports also the 2S1 Gvozdika howitzers to Ukraine. This contract is worth several hundred of millions of CZK. Each BVP vehicle costs several million CZK.

Excalibur Army belongs to industry and defence holding Czechoslovak Group which covers 20 companies. Company Excalibur Army trades with defence and security equipment. Excalibur Army has also supplied in past to Indonesia and is long-term supplier to Czech Army Forces.