Czech parliament rejects cancelling ban on supplies for NPP Bushehr

Published: 12.09.2017 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The ban on supplies is still valid but the Chamber of Commerce is convinced that it should be changed.

The Lower House of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (PSP) did not accept a proposal by the government of the Czech Republic to abandon the law on the ban of supplies for the nuclear power plant Bushehr, Iran on September 8, 2017. According to Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Jiří Havlíček (ČSSD), the end of UN’s sanctions against Iran should also mean an end of the ban on supplies to the country. The relations with Israel are the main reason for rejecting the proposal.

However the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (HKČR) is convinced that it was necessary to abandon the ban on supplies for the Iranian nuclear power plant in Bushehr for Czech companies. The government established after the next general election should discuss the ban again. HKČR informed that Czech firms cannot attend tenders focused on the nuclear safety, stress tests or the improvement of quality in the Iranian nuclear supervision. According to the chamber, the European Union has already abandoned similar limitations in relation with the changed situation in Iranian sanctions.