Railroad to Prague Airport migh become reality

Published: 22.08.2018 Related countries:  India India

For years, Prague Airport remains one of a small number of main airports in Europe that are not connected with the city center by the rail. This might change now as firms Metroprojekt and Sudop won the tender and will prepare the project documentation soon.

The railway to Václav Havel Airport Prague is one step closer to becoming reality. It is now clear who will design the project and create the documentation for the territorial management of the complicated section between Výstaviště in Prague 7 and Veleslavín.

The firms Metroprojekt and Sudop won the tender and will create this documentation for Kč 64.6 million.
“The construction will be the most complicated between the newly built Praha-Výstaviště stop and the Praha-Veleslavín station. The trains will go mostly underground; only on a short stretch from Výstaviště to Stromovka park will the track follow along the surface,” Mojmír Nejezchleb, deputy director of railways modernization at the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), told the press.

Construction of the railway from Prgaue city center to the Airport will signifantly help the transport in many aspects. Today, Prague is one of the small number of cities in Europe that is not having the rail connection to the Airport. All transport is therefore carried out by buses or taxis.T

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With using the source: Prague Monitor (http://www.praguemorning.cz/railway-to-prague-s-airport-makes-progress-CWiAKHrTKO)