L I N E T increases bed production to 50,106 units

Published: 13.12.2017 Related countries:  Czech Republic Czech Republic

LINET massive investments to its future


In its fiscal year ending in March 2017, L I N E T produced 50,106 beds, a year-on-year increase by 0.4%. Revenue amounted to CZK 2.95bn and profit after taxation totalled CZK 503.3m. The company invested in the construction of a new LINET 5 plant in Slaný on an area of 9,000 sq m for the production of 30,000 beds. The firm also invested in the logistics centre on an area of 7,800 sq m which is adjacent to the new plant. According to the annual report, the company prioritises the development of customer relations in Europe and acquisition of new contacts and clients in the US, South America, in the Middle East, Russia, India and China.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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