SP ČR: Glass industry with higher revenues

Published: 11.10.2018 Related countries:  Morocco Morocco

The segments of flat glass and fibreglass have significant share in the sector's entire revenues

The Czech glass industry belongs among sectors with the highest automation rate. In recent years, robots have been joining glass-making lines. Over the past five years, revenues of glass-making companies have increased 20% to CZK 45.26bn in 2017. This information was provided by the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SP ČR). The most important segment of the Czech glass industry is flat glass, making up 44% of the sector's entire revenues, followed by fibreglass with 18%. In the Czech Republic, there are currently 108 glass-making companies with more than 50 employees. Their average wage is CZK 35,394/month.

Source: https://www.cianews.cz/en