Czech defence industry is successful in Indonesia with Tatra vehicles and CANTAS aircraft

Published: 15.11.2016 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

Czech company signs contract for vehicle deliveries Tatra and Pandur worth tens of millions USD during "Indodefence 2016" trade fair in Jakarta. Czech made drone-like aircraft CANTAS debuted at the international fair.

CSG signs contract for vehicle deliveries, presents CANTAS

Czech company EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL has into a contract worth tens of millions of dollars at the Indodefence 2016 international fair, focusing on defence industry.


The firm represented the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) consortium at the event in Jakarta, Indonesia. The contract covers e.g. the delivery of Tatra and Pandur vehicles. The firms have also debuted the Czech-made CANTAS unmanned aircraft at the fair. The aircraft was built by a start-up supported by CSG. Thanks to combining two propelling methods, the aircraft is able to fly forward quickly and offers also vertical take-off and landing. The speed can reach up to 460 km/h. The drone is equipped with a data link for real time video transfers on distances over 100 km.


Source: ─îIANEWS, Czechoslovak Group, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic