GE tests ATP engine, should make 400 of them per year

Published: 08.01.2018 Related countries:  Thailand Thailand

GE Aviation continues in its investment program to produce 400 engines in its new global R&D and manufacturing facility located in the Czech Republic. So far, the company has invested USD 15 million and hired 160 people.


GE Aviation (GE) has completed the first test of the Advanced Turboprop (ATP) engine. The company said this was another step in fulfilling the investment contract with the Czech government on the creation of a new headquarters for turboprop engines in the Czech Republic. So far, the domestic investments within the framework of this project have been directed to the testing room´s new technologies, the opening of a new assembly line and the completion of the instrumentation laboratory, all worth more than USD 15m. Overall, more than 500 job opportunities should be created. Since June 2016, the first 160 people have been hired. Another 80 should be hired in 2018. At full production capacity, the production volume should exceed 400 engines per year. The engine should be used in a brand new Cessna Denali aircraft by Textron Aviation. The engine certification process, which will begin in 2018, should be completed by 2020.


Source: CIANEWS, 4th January 2018