A new jet engine developed by PBS

Published: 04.10.2018 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Czech engineering company PBS have developed PBS TJ150, a new jet engine for unmanned vehicles, training targets and missiles. The solution was showcased at the International Engineering Fair in Brno this week.

Following a launch of their PBS TJ80 jet engine earlier this year, the company introduced another aircraft turbojet engine with compact design and excellent thrust-to-weight ratio suitable especially for target drones. With its extraordinary low weight of 19.6 kg and a diameter of 272mm, the engine offers 1,500 N thrust and has a capacity for ground and in-flight restart.

PBS is a producer of jet engines in the power range from 200 to 1,500 N which are exported all around the world thanks to their in-house expertise in design, development, production and testing.

Source: Hospodářské noviny