Central Glass plans to build an electrolyte plant in the Czech Republic

Published: 12.06.2017 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Japanese Central Glass Co. decided to build a new factory to produce electrolyte for electric vehicles. The investment should be their entrance to the Czech and European market. Europe is the second biggest market for electric vehicles (after China) and with its specific position, the Czech Republic can undoubtedly expect more investments in automotive industry in the future.

The Czech Republic is among the major car manufacturers and the industry is currently adapting to a forthcoming switch to electric cars. With the largest lithium resources in Europe (a key component in electric batteries, discovered around the tiny village of Cinovec) the Czech Republic could become one of the top five lithium producers in the world. This could provide another boost for a growing significance of renewable energy (+ energy storage) and electric vehicle industry in the Czech Republic.


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