Czech Beer Day - the biggest Czech Beer showcase in the UK was a massive success

Published: 27.07.2017 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Czech Beer Day at the Ambassador’s residence, major B2B event aimed at Czech craft beer was organised by Czech Trade London on 12th July 2017. It was the biggest Czech beer showcase in UK whatsoever.

Czech Beer Day was to promote small and middle regional Czech breweries, various types of Czech Beer and above all of them the „real craft lager“, so special for its high quality and traditional long process of production including thorough fermentation and double mashing.

Czech breweries seek for relevant contacts to find long-standing business partnerships on the British market. They look not only for British importers and distributors, but they are also interested in well-established British breweries that intend to broaden their product portfolio with Czech Lager. The opportunity arising from this industry needs to be tackled. Fortunately, right after the event, Czech Trade registered an extraordinary interest in Czech craft beer from the British side.


Famous Czech brewery brands took part as exhibitors: Budweiser Budvar, Bernard brewery, Primátor, Minipivovar Matuška, Ferdinand brewery, Zubr, Pernštejn, Únětický pivovar, Lobkowicz brewery group (presenting Lobkowicz brewery, Platan, Vysoký Chlumec, Ježek and Rychtář) and the so called „beer for women“ Aurosa. Furthermore, famous Czech distillery Rudolf Jelínek and marketing agency Little Greta were also involved. Czech breweries that already have representants in the UK (Pivovar Ltd, či Budvar UK), gained very relevant ties to the hospitality industry here.


Many ambassadors and owners of premium British companies attended the event - distributors from reputed companies like Marblehead, Bibendum, Vertical brands, Enotria or Fullers and Senior managers from the hospitality segment e.g. pub group Mitchells and Butler, Hawton leasure, hotel Ritz, hotel Conrad and from chains such as café Nero, Pizza Hut or Pizza Express.

The whole event was topped off with a raffle. Among other prizes the first one stood out - a journey to Pernštejn brewery in Pardubice later this year.

London Czech Beer Day will be held next year again! Safe the date for 4th of July 2018 (TBC). If you are interested, please, get in touch with us on