Czech companies score in the FT 1000

Published: 11.03.2019 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Financial Times has published the third FT 1000, a list of European companies achieving the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2014 and 2017. And there are three Czech companies that hold their place in the ranking.

The highest scoring Czech entity, occupying the 56th spot in the ranking, is Accolade Holding focused on business infrastructure investments in Central Europe. The company had recorded a revenue growth of 1 555% in the given period.

SRTV, a software design and engineering company, reached the 171st spot with a compound growth of 770%. The third Czech company to make the FT list is the online fashion retailer Zoot taking the 330th position with a growth of 462% over the three year period.

The first ten positions are dominated by the United Kingdom with Blue Motor Finance being named number one.

Source: Financial Times