Czech Economy growing

Published: 22.08.2017 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Experts are describing the surprisingly strong growth figures - Czech economic growth was one of the strongest in Europe in the second quarter of this year.

The Czech growth from April to June came to 4.5 percent, slightly outshone by the 5.7 percent of Romania and the 4.8 percent of Lithuania, the gold and silver winners of the EU-28 respectively.

Within central Europe, the Czechs had the fastest growing economy, overtaking Poland’ s 4.4 percent, Hungary’s 3.5 percent, and Slovakia’s 3.1 percent.


Moreover, the Czech Statistical Office describes the growth as broad based, arising from vigorous domestic demand as well as exports and spread across service sectors and manufacturing. Low and falling unemployment means that many Czechs are spending freely with fewer worries about what could be around the corner.