Czech Mamma Beer causing a stir including foreign media !

Published: 15.08.2018 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Unique Czech non-alcoholic Mamma Beer designed with cancer patients in mind has been a great success as testified by the British media coverage

Former journalist and formerly breast cancer patient herself, Jana Drexlerova, the CEO of Prague-based Mamma Help is behind this innovative idea and the organisation, which is a non-profit organisation, being contacted by around 7,000 patients diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Ms Drexlerova herself underwent chemotherapy in 2011, and has had first-hand experience with some of the side effects of this treatment, such as losing taste for certain period of time. The launch of their beer has registered great interest in this product now considering going into larger-scale production, but also in the philosophy of the organisation and the organisation itself. The first batch of this revolutionary limited edition of just 400 bottles was brewed by the Žatec Brewery. Drexler is adding, that this was initially intended only to create publicity and to raise awareness about Mamma HELP and support it can offer to breast cancer patients, but given the demand and great reviews, they are now working on further development of the product and the brand and will be moving into next production soon.

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Zdroj: Metro, Daily Mail