Czech Traditional glass manufacturers continue to offer the best quality

Published: 23.05.2018 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Traditional costume jewellery making continues to bring substantial revenues in the Czech Republic with dozens of traditional manufactures spread around Jablonec region in the North of the country alone.


Securing a list of pre-orders for Ornela Preciosa’s glass beads 6 months in advance is a business as usual. As per Preciosa's executive director Stanislav Kadlec “beads from North Bohemia are a stable business”.


Petr Puš, business director and member of the board of directors, says that “decades of development, traditional methods, knowhow and a tremendous amount of investment” are behind success of Czech glass manufacturers. Czech glass beads have a wide range of use and are being used in the fashion industry, by designers and interior designers. Seed beads in particular, known as rocaille beads, can be produced by three countries only in the world - outside of the Czech Republic these can also be produced in Japan and China. With the growing competition from China, the Czech beads have withstood the test of time and Czech traditional glassmakers continue to be world recognised for their distinguished quality, consistency, wide range of colours and sizes and ability to satisfy even the most demanding of customers and their bespoke orders.

CzechTrade UK, a government body, specialises in connecting UK business community with Czech glass manufacturers within the Czech glass scene, lightning, tableware, luxury interior & exterior solutions, hand-made accessories and luxury bespoke made items.

Source: HN