RoboAuto project aims to create first robotic car in CZ

Published: 24.04.2017 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

RoboAuto is an acedemic project by Technical University of Brno and company Artin acting as a main sponsor of the project. The goal is to create a car fully equipped with sensors and to attempt to build a platform for testing new methods for scanning the surroundings and autonomous driving. The car is to use GPS to pass the prescribed route and to avoid obstacles independently of a man.

Contrary to Google’s sensors, which uses expensive sensors, researchers of RoboAuto project are developing sensors at an affordable price.

The Czech Republic is among major car manufacturers with a strong focus on intelligent transport infrastructure and autonomous vehicles testing. Recently, the Czech Republic and Slovakia agreed on preparing a cross-border project on the D2 motorway between Bratislava and Brno, which could provide smart motorway testing in traffic.