The electro-bike market in Europe is growing rapidly and this trend is forecasted to continue.

Published: 28.02.2018 Related countries:  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Last year the sale of electrobikes (electrically assisted cycles) rose in the Czech Republic by 35% and a further 30% increase is expected year-on-year.

The majority of e-bikes (67 %) are imported to Europe from China. In the Czech Republic the percentage of import is even higher. 551,000 of electro-bikes in the category of 250 W were imported from China to Europe  in the first three quarters of 2017. In 2016 the import in this category was 434,000.

European producers are therefore lobbying for the introduction of import tariffs on Chinese products. Since last autumn the European Commission has been considering the introduction of import tariffs against price dumping and subsidies of Chinese government for export of electro-bikes. The deadline for an EC decision is January 2019.

The Chinese producers have already reacted to the possible future trade barriers by relocating their factories to the EU (namely to Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus) and accelerating production before any import tariffs are implemented.

For the consumer the introduction of import duties would be bad news as prices of electro-bikes would increase and their availability would worsen, according to Jakub Dietrich, founder of the company His firm imports electrobikes but also developed new models with the brand name AGOGS, produced in a Chinese factory in Shanghai.


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