Czech programmers will deliver software to banks and stocks

Published: 01.09.2017 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Two Czech programmers invented a software for banks an stocks. The banks can process through the software billion dollars. The software is extremely fast and reliable

Two Czechs programmers from DET Technologies decided to leave London City four years ago and they began developing software for banks and stock on their own. In spite of the initial mistrust of their clients, DET Technologies obtained money from foreign investor who incorporated them into the group. Now the Czechs have already been awarded an order from two of the world’s ten largest banks under the head of Rapid Addition. The company belongs to the British group Rapid Addition. A client enters an order to execute a stock Exchange via the internet, by telephone or personally. The transaction usually first has to go through the intermediary in the form of a brokerage firm or bank. Whether they can buy or sell shares at the most advantageous price often decides a millionth of a seconds. The computer programs through which the bank processes billion dollars a day must be therefore extremely fast and reliable.


This article was written by a collective of authors of CzechTrade agency in Chicago