Czech Republic International Trade in Goods and Service report

Published: 08.01.2018 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Czech Statistical Office: According to preliminary data in current prices, in November 2017 the external trade balance in goods ended in a surplus of CZK 11.7 bn, which was by CZK 3.4 bn higher, year-on-year (y−o−y).

"The total balance in the national concept, was favourably influenced mainly by a smaller deficit of balance in 'chemicals and chemical products' by CZK 1.9 bn. At the same time the trade surplus rose in 'machinery and equipment' by CZK 1.7 bn, 'motor vehicles' by CZK 1.2 bn and 'electrical equipment' by CZK 1.1 bn, y−o−y.

A larger deficit of the trade balance 'basic metals' and 'products of agriculture and hunting' by CZK 2.6 bn and CZK 1.1 bn, respectively, affected primarily the total trade balance in a negative manner.

In November 2017 the trade balance with the EU28 Member States ended in a surplus of CZK 56.8 bn, and thus it was by CZK 2.1 bn higher, y−o−y.  The trade deficit with the non-EU countries shrank by CZK 1.3 bn to reach the amount of CZK 43.1 bn."




Published by the team of CzechTrade foreign office in Chicago