Czech students invented a smart device for diabetics and were awarded by Microsoft

Published: 21.08.2017 Related countries:  Spojené státy americké U.S.A.

Czech students invented a smart device which helps diabetics to measure the sugar in their blood. Students were awarded for this invention by Microsoft

The smart device for diabetics was invented by Czech students. The students won Micrososft’s international competition and according to the inventors will be the device on the market next year. Three Czech students have introduced a new X.GLU meter to make life easier for diabetics. Authors of the device are now looking for and investors. The Glucometer is innovative especially by connecting to a smartphone. The smart X.GLU meter of Czech student can communicate with mobile and first patients can get it at the end of next year. The authors have to complete the software solutions and order the first series of products. They will need a million EURO (České noviny, 2017).

The students are studying ČVUT University and they won the project in the international competition. Diabetes need to measure sugar several times a day. Currently they have to wear a glucometer with a display and buttons, spare measuring papers and a so-called lancet with a needle to remove a drop of blood. The solution of Czech student sis innovative in that the meter has the size of a payment card, the display is replaced the connection with the mobile application. Gluccimeter have not changed in the last 15 or 20 years said new designer Marek Novak. Students have decided to take advantage of the fact that almost everyone including children has a smartphone. This July students won a prestigious Imagine Cup which is an international competition organized by Microsoft (ihned, 2017).





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