CzechInvest: Automotive Industry – The Engine of the Czech Economy

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Vehicle manufacturing is the strongest industrial sector in the Czech Republic. Without the country’s tradition of mechanical engineering and high-tech development, there would be no electric vehicles or firms like Škoda Auto or Tatra

elektromobil135158140-120.jpgCzechInvest, By Roman Pašek,

„It can be said without exaggeration that the automotive sector is an economic pillar of the Czech Republic, as the country offers development of artificial intelligence that is expected to drive the autonomous vehicles of the future, improvement of the handling and performance of electric vehicles and traditional skills in manufacturing standard vehicles with internal-combustion engines. According to statistics from February 2017, 118,000 people work directly in the Czech automotive industry, though that number rises to 400,000 when figuring in the employees of indirect suppliers.

The spring report of the Association of the Automotive Industry, which includes 114 vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, states that the automotive industry accounts for roughly nine percent of the Czech Republic’s GDP and one-fourth of Czech exports. Where does it get such strength? What is behind these results?

Tatra, Škoda, Praga, Avia

Together with Daimler and Peugeot, Tatra (originally Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriks-Gesellschaft) ranks among the world’s three oldest carmakers with uninterrupted production, as its Präsident passenger car first rolled out of the company’s plant in Kopřivnice in northern Moravia in 1897. A year later, Tatra added a freight vehicle and the company, which made a good name for itself in the Rallye Dakar, recently wagered its fortunes on the production of such vehicles“…………….Read rest of the article here:  


Source: CzechInvest, By Roman Pašek


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