Flowmon, Czech Technology Company, is entering US market

Published: 24.08.2018 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

The new CEO of Flowmon Networks, Jiri Tobola, wants to double company’s turnover within three years as a part of the company's global growth strategy.

Structural changes are intended to support the global expansion of the company. Flowmon is just entering US market and is also targeting the UK, Germany and Benelux. Their goal is to strengthen their position in Europe and enter some Asian countries as well. Company helps IT professionals worldwide enhance network performance and deal with cyber threats thanks to their clever network monitoring technology and security solution based on network behavior analysis.

Last year Flowmon achieved 25% growth in turnover, and is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe.

Published by the team of CzechTrade foreign office in Chicago.

Source: https://www.flowmon.com/en/company/news/releases/flowmon’s-new-ceo-tobola-plans-to-double-company