Growth of the Czech economy will continue

Published: 23.08.2017 Related countries:  Spojené státy americké U.S.A.

Czech economy grows more than analytics expected. Investments had grown and unemployment is at a record low.

The solid growth of the Czech economy will continue according to analysts investments should helped. In the second half of the year will help mainly investments in infrastructure projects. According to the Czech statistical council estimation the Czech economy grew by 4,5 % in the second quarter of 2017. The Czech Republic is thus one of the fastest growing economies within the EU. Growth was driven by strong household consumption and investment activity by firms. In response to the new data the Czech currency strengthened. The Czech economy will remain in good condition for the rest of the year and growth will be around 3 %. The latest data shows that the Czech economy is experiencing a favorable period of solid growth which is associated with record low unemployment, record production of the automotive industry and low level of inflation.



This article was written by a collective of authors of CzechTrade agency in Chicago