27.07.2017 Czech Beer Day - the biggest Czech Beer showcase in the UK was a massive success Czech Beer Day at the Ambassador’s residence, major B2B event aimed at Czech craft beer was organised by Czech Trade London on 12th July 2017. It was the biggest Czech beer showcase in UK whatsoever.
Velká Británie United Kingdom
26.07.2017 1.3m Guangzhouers to earn high income by 2030 Guangzhou — along with Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong — will rank among the top 30 cities in the world by 2030 for the number of high-income individuals.
Čína China
25.07.2017 Business registration to go fully electronic in Guangzhou by year end Guangzhou will build and operate a completely electronic business registration system by the end of the year.
Čína China
25.07.2017 Guangzhou approves action plan to build aviation hub The Guangzhou municipal government approved an action plan on July 17 for the construction of the Guangzhou international aviation hub and airport area economic demonstration zone.
Čína China
25.07.2017 Virtual reality goggles created in CR The Czech IT member of US company VRgineers is the developer of virtual reality devices. They are going to help car industry to discover the new car types.
Spojené arabské emiráty United Arab Emirates
Business cycle survey - July 2017 24.07.2017 Business cycle survey - July 2017 Czech Statistical Office: Entrepreneurs are still optimistic, overall confidence in economy increased slightly again
Spojené státy americké U.S.A.
24.07.2017 Photon Energy has increased production by 9.6 % Photon Energy has increased production by 9.6 % to 10.86 million kWh.
Nigérie Nigeria
24.07.2017 Bike-Sharing Market Booms China’s Roads used to be filled with bicycles before severe air pollution caused people to seek alternative methods of transportation. The side effects of extreme congestion, in turn, seem to have brought back a newfound interest in biking. The bike sharing market is now dominated by a few...
Čína China
24.07.2017 Food and Drug Market Interference China is rapidly regulating the food and drug market, as shown by a high volume of milk product suspensions from Australia. In October 2016, the importation of nearly 300 food and cosmetic products were suspended due to a failure to meet Chinese standards. In May 2017, this figure increased to...
Čína China
21.07.2017 Koruna appreciates faster than anticipated Czech currency is already close to 26 CZK/EUR.
Izrael Israel