Business cycle survey - January 2018 28.01.2018 Business cycle survey - January 2018 Czech Statistical Office: Confidence in Czech Economy of entrepreneurs decreased slightly, confidence of consumers increased.
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26.01.2018 Latvia has third largest share of renewables in gross energy consumption Perspectives of the latvian renewable energy sector
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25.01.2018 China’s FinTech Industry Traditional financial centers such as London and New York are witnessing increased competition from Chinese cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen with the rise of FinTech. While China’s traditional financial sector is relatively undeveloped and restricted from foreign participation, the country’s...
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24.01.2018 Prague Airport handled 15.4 million passengers Vaclav Havel's airport handling the traffic.
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24.01.2018 Czech Automotive Industry Czech Automotive Industry 2017
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24.01.2018 Czech Republic Budget 2017 with a small deficit Despite small deficit in 2017, the Economy of the Czech Republic is constantly growing on more than 4% per year, which is one of the best GDP growth result in the Europe Union.
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24.01.2018 In India also known Regus open more co-working offices in Prague Office space provider Regus, known in Delhi and Mumbai, is currently providing offices also in Prague. This can be a very good start-up point for Indian investors in Czech and European markets.
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Czech Republic - The Top Exporter of Toys 24.01.2018 Czech Republic - The Top Exporter of Toys To some surprisingly, Czech companies are one of the biggest exporters of toys from Europe. I a large Indian market, it can be a uniqe opportunity for Indian importers and distributors to discover new cooperations.
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Breaking sales of Škoda Auto all over the world 24.01.2018 Breaking sales of Škoda Auto all over the world Škoda Auto, the poular Czehc car, which has also the production unit in Indian city Aurangabad, has reported more than 6% increase in sales last year.
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24.01.2018 Czech Republic ranks 2nd in the world in contactless payments Card association Visa has ranked the Czech Republic the second in the world in contactless payments.
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