30.10.2017 China Lowers Business Tax Burden China will reduce the tax burden on businesses by about US$150 billion this year thanks to its new VAT regime and cost-cutting initiatives.
China China
30.10.2017 Cheese Import Ban Lifted UK cheese exporters are thrilled with the Chinese government’s announcement that it is lifting a ban on the import of soft cheeses. In July, China banned the import of brie, camembert, Roquefort, goat cheese and blue cheese due to mold and bacteria issues.
China China
30.10.2017 Most of Czech hops is heading to Germany and China Destination of the Czech hop export
Czech Republic Czech Republic
30.10.2017 ŠKODA AUTO delivered 61,600 KODIAQs Production of ŠKODA KODIAQ in 2017
Czech Republic Czech Republic
30.10.2017 ČSÚ: Employment in CR exceeds EU average by 5.9 p.p. Employment rate is high in the Czech Republic
Canada Canada
27.10.2017 ComCham disagrees with toll extension, supports petition Disgrees with toll extension
Czech Republic Czech Republic
26.10.2017 Aero Vodochody plans to win contract in Azerbaijan Aero Vodochody Aerospace wants to sell its new generation L-39NG subsonic aircrafts to Baku, Azerbaijan.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech Mining Opportunities discussed at IMARC 25.10.2017 Czech Mining Opportunities discussed at IMARC Among the speakers of this years IMARC konference in Melbourne, there will be a Czech speaker – Mr Petr Karel – who will discuss mining opportunities in the Czech Republic.
Australia Australia
25.10.2017 Czech entrepreneurs elected into Parliament One of the newly elected entrepreneurs could even be the new Minister of Industry and Trade
Israel Israel
25.10.2017 Riga has lost 16% of residents since 2000 The number of population in Riga has declined
Latvia Latvia