08.10.2017 Czech Koruna is doing well Koruna is getting strong
Egypt Egypt
05.10.2017 CZK 1bn investment to support establishment of battery factory A group of Czech investors associated in the private investment fund Battery Unite has supported the establishment of a Magna Energy Storage battery plant with a CZK 1bn investment.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
05.10.2017 Be ‘wowed’ by endless opportunities in Southeast Asi The last year within the Southeast Asian market
Singapore Singapore
05.10.2017 Czech koruna gains the most of all currencies Strong rate of local currency could climb even higher.
Israel Israel
04.10.2017 ASEAN Economic Blueprint 2025 - Is it ASEAN’s blueprint to success? Is this ASEAN's blueprint to success?
Singapore Singapore
BRISTELL Aircrafts excell in Australia 04.10.2017 BRISTELL Aircrafts excell in Australia A big success story - that is the history of BRISTELL aircrafts in Australia. The most successful Czech exporter of soirts aircrafts in Australia, BRM AERO, has sold almost 50 of their aircrafts over just six years. A huge part played the Australian dealer Brett Anderson, who gave us together...
Australia Australia
04.10.2017 Czech Statistical Office confirms 4.7% GDP growth in Q2 2017 Czech economy is growing at fastest rate in EU.
Israel Israel
04.10.2017 CETA: Canadian Companies Stand to Benefit Canadian companies and CETA
Canada Canada
03.10.2017 Know your strengths in the ASEAN market To understand one’s own strength and that of the enemy will make you invincible in doing battle
Singapore Singapore
03.10.2017 Lithium will be processed in CR The investment to realization the project can reach ten billion. At the same time it would bring about a thousand jobs. Australia is today the largest Lithium producer in the world.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates