16.08.2017 Guangzhou's transformation into an innovation hub For nearly three decades, Guangzhou has been the third largest city in China, behind only Shanghai and Beijing. In 2016, the city's gross domestic product reached around 2 trillion yuan, equivalent to that of Singapore and neighboring Hong Kong. The capital city of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou...
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15.08.2017 4 Must-Have Items for Canadians Visiting the Czech Republic 4 items for tourists to have while travelling to the Czech Republic
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15.08.2017 Japanese Central Glass Co., Ltd. will built a new plant in Pardubice to produce electrolyte for lithium accumulators. Japanese Central Glass Co., Ltd. has selected Pardubice for its first European factory specialised in an industrial production of electrolytes used in EV’s lithium accumulators.
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15.08.2017 Foreigners Move to Small Cities As the population in Chinese metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai continues to rise, foreigners are looking to settle down in smaller cities.
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15.08.2017 Car Vending Machine China’s Alibaba has announced plans to introduce “automotive vending machines” in China later this year.
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15.08.2017 Singapore court awards man $3m after bad reference denies him new job Man who worked with AXA Life Insurance as an adviser and agent, won an appeal in July last year against a 2012 High Court decision
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Retail trade - June 2017 14.08.2017 Retail trade - June 2017 Seasonally adjusted sales in retail trade at constant prices increased by 0.7%, month-on-month (m-o-m). Sales adjusted for calendar effects increased by 6.6%, year-on-year (y-o-y), the same as non-adjusted.
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14.08.2017 Brno has scored on the global start-up ranking Brno, the second largest Czech town, has been ranked 31st on the global list of most dynamic start-up cities, beating Prague, the Czech capital, which has ended up on the 35th position, and other rivals from Central Europe.
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14.08.2017 Strojírny ZKL expects an increase of revenues to CZK 1.16bn in 2017 The ZKL engineering corporation expects a year-on-year increase of revenues by 8 %.
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13.08.2017 Czech producers want to export goods to state-owned hospitals in Jordan Two large companies - Medin, which specializes in medical instruments, and Linet, who supplies health care beds - were added by Embitron. They produce devices that help with the treatment of certain illnesses and physiotherapy.
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