Amazon in Australia for the First Time 22.11.2017 Amazon in Australia for the First Time An opportunity as well as a threat. The launch of Amazon Australia is coming up and sellers need to be ready.
Australia Australia
22.11.2017 Over 100 Projects Planned in Tehran for Foreign Investors Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ali Najafi highlighted efforts to attract foreign investments to develop the Iranian capital, saying more than 100 mega projects are being planned to be carried out with foreign investments.
Iran Iran
21.11.2017 GST hike looms as Singapore's funding needs grow The Singapore government is unlikely to raise personal or corporate taxes, but could consider taxing e-commerce spending .
Singapore Singapore
21.11.2017 Biogas stations plan to produce biomethane The production of methane from renewable resources should ensure gas business’ survival.
Nigeria Nigeria
20.11.2017 Official participation of the Czech Republic at METALEX 2017 in Bangkok and Czech Business Day The Czech Republic will be represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic at the METALEX 2017 – largest machine tools and metalworking event in ASEAN.
Thailand Thailand
16.11.2017 CETA expected to increase EU investment in Canada CETA and EU investments in Canada.
Canada Canada
15.11.2017 Export to grow in early 2018 Czech export will continue to grow by the Association of Exporters (AE) and Raiffeisenbank (RB) through the Export Index.
Nigeria Nigeria
14.11.2017 Czech currency is doing well Great expactation for Czech currency
Egypt Egypt
13.11.2017 Economy of CR will grow by 4.3 %, unemployment will fall The expected growth of the bloc's economy is due to robust household consumption, stronger global growth and declining unemployment, according to the European Commission.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
10.11.2017 Unemployment down to 3.6% in October The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire EU.
Israel Israel