Amper 2018

Data evenimentului: 20.03.2018 – 23.03.2018 Specialization:  Industria electronică şi electrotehnică Locație: Republica Cehă Republica Cehă, Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno
AMPER is an International Trade Fair focused on Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Communication, Lighting and Security Technologies and is one the biggest of its kind in Central Europe. In 2017 there were 600 exhibitors from 22 countries. Visitors to the fair represent a global mix of experts, industry professionals, and the professional public. 2018 will mark the 26th anniversary of this professional B2B event.

It is held in the Czech Republic which is strategically well positioned with a strong tradition in the electrotechnical sector. The fair also hosts a rich and diversified education and information programme including professional conferences, workshops, and training opportunities focused on current and future trends in the industry (among others it is ZLATÝ AMPER (GOLDEN AMPER) COMPETITION, AMPER MOTION, AMPER SMART CITY, AMPER START-UP).


In the year 2017 151 foreign exhibitors participated at the fair.


Final report from AMPER 2017

VIDEO introducing the Trade Fair



Electroenergetics – Power Generation, Transfer, and Distribution

Conductors and Cables

Electric Installation Technologies and Smart Electric Installations

Lighting Devices and Systems

Electro Thermal Technology

Drives and Power Electronics, Power Systems

Electronic Components and Modules

Information and Communication Technologies

Measuring and Testing Devices

Automation, Control, and Regulation

Production Facilities and Components for Electrical Industry

Tools and Equipment

Services, Media, and Institutions