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Czech Business Partner Search

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Are you seeking a supplier or business partner in the Czech Republic?

Czech Business Partner Search is a unique service provided by CzechTrade to foreign clients. CzechTrade, as a government agency directly controlled by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has a team of specialists that are capable of finding a new Czech-based supplier of goods and services to suit your needs. Czech manufacturers are acclaimed around the world as the suppliers of high-quality products, not just in engineering where we have an extensive tradition, but also in components, semi-finished products and services, especially in information technologies.

If you seek a partner for production cooperation, you can also address our specialised team with this request. CzechTrade will find a suitable Czech partner for long-term collaboration (new product development, production and other industrial cooperation in the Czech Republic).

Key reasons for finding a partner for industrial cooperation:

  • Access to specially selected Czech companies
  • Match-making based on experience and local expertise
  • Detailed information about potential partners delivered within 14 days
  • Service provided by a government agency
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • The service is free of charge

Are you seeking a supplier of goods/services or business partner in the Czech Republic?

Complete the on-line form:
select your country (CzechTrade office) at homepage or visit the website of the CzechTrade office which is the nearest to your country and open the Czech Business Partner Search. Specify your requirements. Preferable larger specification.

If you do not receive any reply within 3 weeks, please contact the CzechTrade representative in your country (see the list of offices at or our Supplier Team (team of specialists at the headquarters in Prague) -

Business visits - follow-up service of the Czech Business Partner Search.

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