Datum der Veranstaltung: 13.02.2020 – 13.02.2020 Ort: Deutschland Deutschland, Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf
Germany’s leading Startup Expo & Conference for Industrial Tech.

Aussteller auf dem tschechischen Stand

Logo ADUCID, s.r.o.

ADUCID, s.r.o.

ADUCID changes the way people use online services and smart devices. One app to quickly and securely register and log in to public and private online services without using hundreds of usernames...
Logo Automation CoE s.r.o.

Automation CoE s.r.o.

The company is committed to helping you succeed through process automation. They help you select and automate one to three processes that represent a low investment with a high ROI and make a great...
Logo DataSentics, a.s.

DataSentics, a.s.

The company generates value for clients by augmenting and innovating business and processes with the power of data analytics and machine learning powered by cloud technologies. They identify...
Logo FLOWBOX s.r.o.

FLOWBOX s.r.o.

The FLOWBOX platform’s basic function involves the continuous measurement of values for energy consumption and other parameters chosen by the client.
Logo LutherX, a.s.

LutherX, a.s.

LutherX introduces a holistic platform that combines predictive technology and intelligent guidance. It subsumes performance management, big data and predictive learning technology that enables you...
Logo M2M Communication

M2M Communication

M2M Communication Holding deals with the development of IoT/M2M communication platforms based on low maintenance cost solutionsin the CEE region. Based on their deep knowledge of multinational...
Logo Mycroft Mind, a.s.

Mycroft Mind, a.s.

Mycroft Mind is a Czech company that provides data analytical services to utilities for over 8 years now. They specialize in grid dynamics data mining and with SmarterInstruments, their partner for...
Logo Recombee, s.r.o.

Recombee, s.r.o.

Recombee's AI driven solution reflects real-time changes and complexity of user behavior online and thus enables you to personalize 1:1 improving your user experience and KPI's. Their solution...
Logo Sensority s.r.o.

Sensority s.r.o.

Sensority is a Start-up developing IoT devices for smart cities and Industry 4.0. They develop hardware and software solutions including integration with client´s system.