CZ LOKO to supply locomotives with ETCS to Sweden and Norway

Published: 01.03.2021 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Czech manufacturer of heavy railway trains has increased its presence in Scandinavia

Sweden will become the twentieth country where CZ LOKO’s locomotives will be operated on railroads. It will be an EffiShunter 1000 in the colors of the Norwegian company Trainpoint Norway. It will be equipped with a national ATC signalling system and a single European ETCS safety device. The locomotive is to be completed in 2021 and tests will follow. The aim is to put it into trial operation in H1 2022 and complete the approval process by the end of the year. Certification should also follow in Norway. CZ LOKO has experience in Finland with operations in Arctic conditions. The local carrier Fenniarail with EffiShunter 1600 locomotives travels beyond the Arctic Circle.