EU has CZK 550bn for the Czech Republic

Published: 23.08.2022 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

By the end of 2022, individual ministries plan to announce 181 calls for a total of CZK 240bn.

Currently, applicants can submit projects in more than 20 calls from four OPs. In total, in the program period 2021-2027, almost CZK 550bn is prepared for the Czech Republic to support the development of regions, innovation, the environment, the social sphere, the repair of monuments and the support of science, research and education. The Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic (MMR) proposes the transfer of part of the funds due to changes in the needs and priorities of the Czech Republic in connection with the energy crisis and the pandemic. The proposal must be discussed by the government and the European Commission.

Source: CIA NEWS