KOVOSVIT MAS to supply machine-tool centres to India

Published: 11.04.2019 Related countries:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

One of the most well known Czech machinery manufacturer has increased its export share

KOVOSVIT MAS will supply five-axis vertical machine-tool centres to India. Another five-axis machine will go to Kessler in Germany. KOVOSVIT also registers interest in the innovated three-axis vertical machine-tool centre MCV800. A total of 50 pieces were sold in the second half of 2018, which makes the MCV800 the company's most successful new product in the last decade. In the first months of 2019, KOVOSVIT posted profit exceeding CZK 40m per month in its foundry. The company has invested tens of millions of korunas in the foundry's operation and in making it more environmentally

Source: https://www.cianews.cz/en