AutoSAP: Vehicle production in the Czech Republic up 9% to 1.25m

Published: 20.01.2023 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand , Australia Australia

For the first time after three years of decrease, the trend has changed and vehicle production in the Czech Republic recorded 9.4% year on year increase. Exception is production of small trailers which dropped by 23.2%

In 2022, 1,249,281 road vehicles of all types were manufactured in the Czech Republic. After three years of decrease, this meant a change in the trend and a 9.4% year-on-year increase. According to data published by the Automotive Industry Association (AutoSAP), car production grew by 10.2% (1,217,787), and bus production was 7.6% higher (5,322). Truck production increased by 6.7% to 1,347, 56.9% more motorcycles were made (1,624), and trailers over 3.5 tonnes recorded an 11.2% increase to 2,441. Only the category of small trailers up to 3.5 t recorded a decrease and dropped by 23.2% to 20,760.

Source: Daily news | ČIA news
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