Czech company develops face masks able to kill viruses

Published: 15.03.2020 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

Face mask developed by Respilon will isolate and also kill viruses.

Special face masks made from nanofibres can help eliminate Coronavirus spreading.

In comparison to regular face masks, mask developed by Respilon in Brno will isolate and also kill viruses. Company is currently producing protection masks in factories in New York, Alicante, Shanghai and various cities around the world.    

People around the globe are more aware of Corona virus and many searching for protection masks and respirators.

Roman Zima the company’s owner promised that his mask will also kill the virus. His mask is made from special nanofibres and also contains nanoparticles of cooper oxide. Currently developed mask will be produced in Izrael and its price will be around 50CZK (3.35 AUD)

Production capacity will be in hundreds of thousands per month.

Respilon owns the technological know how and collaborates with technical universities in Brno, Liberec and Zlin.

Company confirms that in the last week recorded enormous demand for respiratory products. We have sold during the last year 700 000 units of our whole range of respirators.

While during the last 4 days we are facing to demand for 8.5 million units. Obviously our current stock is limited Zima said.



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