Czech people tend to have more than one job as the employment is rising

Published: 05.09.2019 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand, Australia Australia

Employment in the Czech Republic has been rising due to the activity of Czechs in the different job fields.

Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) has recently published a new information about Czech unemployment situation. Unemployment and employment data published quarterly by the CZSO are calculated by statisticians according to the International Labor Organization (ILO) methodology. The results have shown that employment is higher than unemployment in the Czech Republic. About 136 000 people had multiple jobs, usually two or more, in the third quarter of this year compared to 115 000 unemployed people. The highest number of second jobs is in the field of professional, scientific and technical activities as well as the section of education, manufacturing and trade. Among the working age group from 15 to 64, the unemployed has dropped to 2,2 % as it was 2,4 % a year ago. Moreover, the percentage is also lower than other countries within European Union.


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